20 Movies To Be Excited About In 2010

I love movies. I have over 300 DVD’s in my ownership. Seemed only logical I do a write up about some of the movies coming out this year. From duds like Robin Hood to home runs like Tron Legacy (prediction), I cover most here. At the time of the writing little was known about Inception so you’ll have to excuse the absence. May end up being the best movie of the year. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think of the movies that are out.

Being that it’s mid February, sort of, and being the huge movie fan that I am I decided to make a little post about the topic. But first, a back story.

I love movies! I have over 300 dvd’s but to be more specific I love documentaries (the most)! I had the idea to do a blog were I reviewed documentaries only but all the good domain names i could think of were obviously gone. With this new post I think I’m going to add a dimension to my blog. A movies category. It’ll allow me an opportunity to rant regarding bad movies which i do regularly and also review documentaries.

That said, it’s not really the point of this post. I was trying to list some up coming movies for this year to a friend and couldn’t come up with as many as i liked off the top of my head so i decided to look them up and was quite surprised to see some of the titles. In a fit of inspiration i Decided it’s time to list my top 20 most anticipated movies of 2010.

  1. Iron Man 2

    The first Iron Man was incredible. I can’t really think of any flaws off the top of my head. I’m sure some snobby Kid obsessed with the comic can find something to gripe about, but in comparison to Comic to Movie ports, this is easily one of the best. Dark Knight, Spider Man 2, Xmen 1, Dare Devil (kidding) and Iron Man. I love Rourke and he’ll make a bad ass Whiplash.

  2. Machete

    As a huge fan of Death Proof and Planet Terror, I’m super excited about this movie. The trailer was featured before Grind House and I was super excited. Danny Treio is pretty awesome. This could end up being his best movie.

  3. Tron Legacy

    This is probably my most anticipated movie of 2010. I love the first tron and getting Bridges back in there is beyond awesome. One of the early places I found out about Tron Legacy was from James White when he did his own version of a poster design for it. Here’s the Official Tron Trailer (embed Disabled)

  4. Alice in Wonder Land

    I have some back story relating to me being a very big Alice in Wonderland fan that i don’t feel like getting into. however I’m fairly excited about this movie. Not as excited as all my friends for some reason but none the less excited. I don’t Like everything Tim Burton has done to be honest and I’m a little concerned he didn’t make this to my standards of what it should be. we’ll see though. Here’s the Official Alice in Wonderland Trailer (embed disabled)

  5. The Last Airbender

    Formerly Avatar: The Last Airbender Based of the Nickelodeon series my girlfriend is obsessed with. It’s pretty good and I expect the movie will be better than the tv show. We shall see. I’m sure you can guess the reason behind the name change. The show is geared for kids and as such the humor is fairly cheesey. Because of this I would suggest you watch the first season at least before seeing the movie both for the back story but also so that you can know what to expect in a sense. If the movie is cheesey like the show it, having seen the show it probably wont be a reason for you to dislike it.

  6. Scream 4

    The first Scream movie was a game changer in my opinion. It lead the way for a lot of movie norms we see today. At least in the horror genre. I’m hoping this one is closer to the quality of the first one and not the 3rd one. No trailer at the moment.

  7. Predators

    I believe Robert Rodriguez made this as well as Machete. Alien is my all time favorite movie. By proximity I of course love Predator. I’m sure with Rodriguez’s gritty style and retro flare it’ll be pretty killer. Currently no trailer, just a bunch of fake ones like Scream 4 but I’m definitely hoping there’s a legit one very soon.

  8. Thundercats

    I was always more concerned with a billion other things going on as a kid than i was with Thundercats. it was never my main interest by any means but going off the casting… It looks like it could be pretty cool. Hopefully more Xmen 1 than Transformers 2. The fan made trailer is beyond hilarious. Props to whoever made it.

  9. The A-Team

    I’m not sure how many of you out there reading are men around the age of 24 to 35 but if you find yourself in that age category, the odds that you watched The A-Team religiously are quite good. I easily fall within that category. I loved the A-Team. one of my favorite shows without question when i was pretty young. The casting looks pretty good and believable. I don’t think it’ll be bad… but I’m not expecting it to hold up to most of our high standards of what the A-team should be. Hopefully, I’m wrong and they knock it out of the park.

  10. Salt

    If you like the crazy modern action movie and conspiracy genres I suppose you’ll flip over this. Nothing in it looks painfully stupid like Mr. & Mrs. Smith did. That doesn’t mean there’s not potential for it though. I’m skeptical for sure. I imaging that I’ll end up in the theater seeing it but it’ll probably be the first and last time I watch it.

  11. Clash of the Titans

    A remake of a classic that I wasn’t that into when i was younger. This remake does look very good though. Solid at least. The monsters look well done, the action looks decent. I didn’t see any bullet time which sometimes all that’s needed for a passing grade in my book. Should be a good movie.

  12. Nightmare on Elm Street 2010

    I have a few friends that are pretty upset about so many remakes, or remakes of classics that are badly done. Sometimes I’m one of those people. The new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a travesty set upon Gene Wilder and the Umpa Loompas. That said there are many movies that are perfect for remakes. Lost on previous generations (wonka wasn’t) or movies that had in the past reached the limit of their effects technology. The Rob Zombie Halloweens are great. I think something like the Freddy movies is perfect for a remake because of the effects that are able to be done now. It would be cooler if it were without typical Hollywood cheese but the ones of yesteryear had their cheese as well. It’s part of what made them cool. I think this will be pretty awesome. I’ve heard a few arguments that Robert Englund made the movies and nobody can do a better job (Wilder > Depp) but if there was ever a guy to play a new Freddy, Jackie Earl Haley is absolutely the guy. If he didn’t convince you of that in The Watchmen you’re crazy. He’ll be downright frightening. I’m pretty pumped about this. The only valid argument is that Wes Cravens vision for the movie considering he wrote and directed it will be stronger and more genuine than
    Samuel Bayer (director), Wesley Strick (screenplay)/Eric Heisserer (screenplay) and Wesley Strick (story). That’s a lot of cooks in the kitchen which increases the chance for Hollywood crap always resulting in dumbing down for the lowest common denominator where as a single provider for a vision will stick to his guns. All that said, It’ll be good. maybe not as good, but justifiable in being remade.

  13. Kick Ass

    I dont know how to feel about this. The first couple minutes it looks cool. Looks like somebody taking a decent run off the laurels of The Watchmen when a different twist, then it gets really apparent being geared for kids. To me it would be cool to see a kid take on a persona/costume, beat up on some bad dudes, get beat up on etc and manage to do some damage over time without any powers. In watchmen they did seem to have some level of super strength. A normal punch or kick and the guy goes flying. It would be cool if this had less of that but then the other kids enter and it seems to take a step in the wrong direction. In the trailer i was on board till “Hit Girl” and “Big Daddy” get in on the action. Why is this little girl fighting grown men and winning. stop it. why is Nick Cage firing guns? That’s what made super heroes cool, they didnt need guns. Granted you had some who did. Cable, Punisher etc. But even Kick Ass has some batons and Hit Girl has a staff. I don’t know. Hopefully it’s good anyway. Doesnt look bad, just that it probably misses the mark.

  14. Agora

    I don’t know much about this movie but I like the subject of ancient Rome and can’t go wrong with Rachel Wise. Not sure what to make of it, but doesn’t look bad.

  15. Showgirls 2

    The Rest of the titles have no trailers that I can find. I included Showgirls 2 simply because the first one wasn’t exactly winning any awards, that ship has sailed and they’re just now making a sequel? That’s pretty hilarious.

  16. Rambo 5

    I didn’t see the newest one but my friends tell me its the bloddiest movie ever. Seems only natural to expect they attempt to one up the last.

  17. The Green Hornet

    I love comic ports however they anger me deeply when done poorly. SpiderMan 3. Both Punishers, Wolverine, Dare Devil (a favorite comic growing up). From what i’ve been told, this will be in the company of those titles which depresses me. I’ll reserve full judgment until a trailer is revealed.

  18. Stone

    I know little about this movie but am intrigued simply because of the names Dinero and Norton attached to it.

  19. Robin Hood

    I won’t lie to you. The only reason this movie made my list is because it has a trailer and I needed one more for 20. As you will see, I’m not at all excited about this movie.. Like Sherlock Holmes which I didn’t like at all, this movie has little to no resemblance to what we all know as Robin Hood. At least going by the trailer. Add that to Robin Hood being played by Russel Crowe and you have a pretty big recipe for disaster in my opinion. It’s almost certain I’ll be very angry at the end of this movie. Robin Hood is supposed to be your out spoken, in the public eye clever hero that cant be caught. Gingerly leaping from one enemies head to the next to swing from a near by pole onto the roof. Sure he has the bow and arrow but it’s only for hunting. It’s only saving grace is that it’s directy by Ridley Scott who I recognize, i give to much credit for still based on my favorite movie Alien. That said, I first saw the trailer in the theater. Watching closely I was at first a little interested. until the very last frame of the trailer when the text “Robin Hood” appeared on screen. Please, somebody tell me. What in the trailer looks like anything you would know as Robin Hood? Nothing. It’s freaking Robin Hood man! Not William Wallace part 2! Insult to injury is the over played juxtaposition of movie genre / music genre. There is no reason to have industrial sounding music during Robin Hood as well as massive battle scenes. If you can’t tell. I’m not happy.

  20. Red Dawn 2010

    Ok I lied. Here’s a trailer but it’s for the original Red Dawn. I never saw the original but I imagine at the time it was pretty terrifying. Speaking of terrified, I’m extremely nervous they’re going to put some “terrorist” spin and ruin the movie. My reason for thinking that is I’m not exactly sure how well a Russian invasion of America is going to translate to todays movie goer. When i go to the theater it’s primarily young kids who ashamedly probably know next to nothing about the cold war. So the movie can stick to its guns, so to speak, or roots and attract the older crowd, guys like me, or it can throw in some “terrorists” and joe blow will watch. I know little about the 2010 version so my suspicion is high will my expectation is low.

And to spice things up, 10 Movies Slated for 2011 That Might Rule:

  1. Green Lantern

    Growing up my favorite comics in no order were Green Lantern, Dare Devil and Deadpool. You can Imagine the life of agony I’ve had to endure with Deadpool being a travesty in that crap Wolverine movie and Dare Devil being even more destroyed by Ben Freaking Afleck. I’ll be mortally wounded if i go 3 for 3. Please, just give me Green Lantern. To say the least I’m terrified.

  2. Conan 2011

    Loved the old ones when i was a kid. Assuming Arnold is still on his acting hiatus, I’m not sure who would be a good replacement. I’m also unsure how well this will translate. You accept the goofiness of the old ones because they’re so old. Don’t think the new one will receive such grace

  3. Robocop 2011

    Now this is what I’m talking about. I even liked Robocop 3! It’ll have to be pretty awful for me to not love this. I had the toys and everything growing up.

  4. Thor

    I was really hoping for a good thor movie. I have no reason to suspect this will be bad considering the Iron Man franchise as well as the last hulk is gearing up for the Avengers movie. I might guess that Thor comes out first to establish the ground work then Captain America actually kicks off the Avenger Genisis.

  5. Silver Surfer

    I didn’t read a lot of Silver Surver when i was little but i thought he was one of the coolest characters ever created. He definitely made the newer Fantastic 4. A whole movie about him should be pretty awesome.

  6. Cloverfield 2

    Cloverfield is probably one of the worst movies to sequel. everybody died, you supposedly got the monster and the first one had the whole viral marketing thing that had people interested in the first place. Now the viral marketing wont work because there’s no mystique with the cat being out of the bag and no characters to relate to. That said, it wasn’t a bad movie and they’ll have another shot at fixing what sucked in it the first one. I doubt they’ll pull it off though.

  7. First Avenger: Captain America

    Another Comic port I’m very much looking forward to. In my mind Captain America has 2 personas. The dorky kind and the bad ass dont mess with that dude kind. the ladder is beyond awesome. The kinda bad ass we saw in the Civil War series. I thought the Avengers were great growing up. I even have a Captain America and Thor bobble head on my desk right next to me as i type. See

  8. Halo

    Let me clarify. I don’t think this is going to be good. It could be, but I doubt it however. They do have a sizable market that will absolutely see this even if they know it’s going to suck. So it gets a spot on the list.

  9. Pirates of the Caribean 4

    Kind of surprised to see another one. I didn’t expect they would do more. I was ho hum about the 3rd one. Not my favorite but it was good.

  10. Red Sonja 2011

    Directed by Rodriquez and startin Rose McGowan. What’s not to like. Well maybe the 2008 comic con confirmation and now pushed back till 2011. Who knows if this gets made. If both of them are involved it’ll probably be decent. We shall see

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